Login Scripts
Testing the Login Script

You should test the login script before you use it. You can also use the same technique if you want to use a login script on a machine or a user that isn't part of a domain.

This technique only works for local machines - if you want to test with a domain login you should follow the instructions for implementing the script here.

  1. Create a new directory on your machine (location isn't important) called "Netlogon". The name must be as shown.
  2. Share this new directory, also with the name "netlogon" and give the share Read only permissions to everyone.
  3. Place your login script in to this new folder, along with any other executables you have used, such as "ifmember".
  4. Open Computer Management (Control Panel, Administrative Tools) and click on the "User Manager" item.
  5. Use this local User Manager to create a new local user for your machine.
  6. Modify the properties of the user to add the login script. Just enter the name, for example "login.bat"
  7. Logout and then then login to your machine with the new user to see if your script works correctly.

If you wish to record a log of the login script, then see Recording Login Scripts Results page.

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